Wednesday, 16 March 2011

YCC bang bang brief night

'Bang Bang Briefs' was a creative brief night set up by the YCC.... the brief was for 'Do the green thing' and was hosted at Pentagram in Notting Hill.

Ok what can I say about this night... Well... We WON!
Great night, met some great people and it made me want to move to London, even more than before..... It was held in an amazing building, there was a cocktail man... Not like someone who does it as a hobby (I don't think,) but a real cocktail expert!! Free beers!!!! Goody bags! all round FUN!

In ore as we listen to the brief history.....

The brief was explained and then off to work we went.....

...making sure there was no risk of dehydration of course.

The winning team ^^^^^

FREEBIES... a great goody bag we received at the end....yes it did have a cream egg inside!

check out the action at:

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