Wednesday, 26 January 2011


My friend Adel is an hairdresser trying to break through into the Mobile Hairdressing area..... and she mentioned she would like some leaflets to promote herself and her talents......
so I knocked her up a little something.....
It's not her in the picture its just first draft, but its the General layout.
My idea also was to do her some business cards with a 'Roots Ruler' on so persuading people to come back when there hair needs redoing......

I designed the logo &  put my creative writing to use thinking her up a tagline/quote to read when you first open the leaflet;

'The most important thing a woman can have-apart from her handbag of course-is her Hairdresser'

trying to pull out a human truth with women.

Saturday, 22 January 2011


Today I used my day off well and illustrated a table....
.....this is my trusty little wheely abouty table that I do all my thinking at so I thought I would make it a little more inspiring for when the  creativity begins....

my own little office.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

FILLING IN THE GAPS in-between....

I've been keeping myself busy.....

  • painting
  • snow
  • advertising
  • snow
  • call centrrrrrrahhhhhhh job
  • snow
  • sewing club (it's a sport)
  • photography
  • blah blah blah

Ad wise;
Whilst me and Rach were together we visited 2 agencies which was red brick road & Kamarama, went to see an inspiration of woman Alex Taylor and were also doing some ads for a hotel in Lincoln...called The Petwood.......

The book crits were a real eye opener.....and an even bigger incentive to crack the fuck on....
Karmarama was an agency I love the feel of and a real creative space... somewhere I would love to work,
at the end we were told to bring a pad of ideas next time.... a portfolio wasn't even necessary...they just wanted to see some good hard ideas...straight talking guys with good advise.... the Petwood work came to pass when I emailed the hotel with our work and asked about doing some ads..... and from there on we did various ads for the Hotel targeted at specific audiences.....

& we even got a mention on the Lincoln uni Creative Advertising blog......wooooooooo ha

.....but since then on, they've kept me on to keep doing some ads for them freelance 'paid!!!!'
I did my first paid piece of work for them just before xmas...just in time to spend it all on xmas drinking.


From the beginning....

I was in team with a Girl called Rachael... we were a creative team through out my third year of uni..
Rachael being the Copy writer and me being the Art director...

but life happens and we decided to go our own way from there on ..... was born....(very dramatic of me)