Thursday, 20 January 2011

FILLING IN THE GAPS in-between....

I've been keeping myself busy.....

  • painting
  • snow
  • advertising
  • snow
  • call centrrrrrrahhhhhhh job
  • snow
  • sewing club (it's a sport)
  • photography
  • blah blah blah

Ad wise;
Whilst me and Rach were together we visited 2 agencies which was red brick road & Kamarama, went to see an inspiration of woman Alex Taylor and were also doing some ads for a hotel in Lincoln...called The Petwood.......

The book crits were a real eye opener.....and an even bigger incentive to crack the fuck on....
Karmarama was an agency I love the feel of and a real creative space... somewhere I would love to work,
at the end we were told to bring a pad of ideas next time.... a portfolio wasn't even necessary...they just wanted to see some good hard ideas...straight talking guys with good advise.... the Petwood work came to pass when I emailed the hotel with our work and asked about doing some ads..... and from there on we did various ads for the Hotel targeted at specific audiences.....

& we even got a mention on the Lincoln uni Creative Advertising blog......wooooooooo ha

.....but since then on, they've kept me on to keep doing some ads for them freelance 'paid!!!!'
I did my first paid piece of work for them just before xmas...just in time to spend it all on xmas drinking.

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