Wednesday, 6 October 2010

First post

Well basically since I stopped being a student I've been upto this and that and I thought I'd get it all down......

Well when I got home my first tackle was the redecorating of my brothers (now MY) bedroom.
I do like decorating and unlike many I love Clutter...  and trust me it is reflected in my room now.. My bedroom at uni was compiled of blue skirting boards, one pink wall, one 'skin coloured' wall- as my house mates used to call it and then there were purple window frames... a real error of a room... it was inspired by the bright colour of India..whether it looked this way I have no idea! however it was cosy and 'quirky'- as I called it!

.....This then became my 'what not to do', for my new room.
I did decide to keep my Indian inspired cushions however and my trinkets and bit bobs, but then kept the rest SIMPLE....

Then i saw a tall book case at the end of my street waiting to be thrown away..... this i jumped on!!!!.. after going down and asking if I could have it of course!!!

I'll just add some photos....

there we have it..